Wall of Fame

The Eastdale Alumni Association Wall of Fame Program ensures that the lives and achievements of Eastdale’s most accomplished Alumni are known among fellow Alumni, current and future Eastdale students, and the Eastdale community.

Members of the Wall of Fame

Nomination Timetable

Nominations are accepted annually from June through April.

Nomination Criteria

  1. The nominee must have attended, taught at, or worked at Eastdale Secondary School.
  2. The nominee must model high standards of excellence in personal and/or professional life.
  3. The nominee must have made outstanding contributions to volunteer service or their local community.
  4. The nominee must have succeeded at local, regional, or international levels in any appropriate areas of endeavor, including academia and education, arts, business, media, public service, politics, medicine, military, sports, and so on.

Selection Committee

The Wall of Fame Selection Committee comprises seven members administer the program, review nominations, select inductees, and recognize inductees.

Committee members are:

  • the Principal of Eastdale
  • the Association Chairman
  • three members of the Association, who are appointed by the Association
  • the Eastdale School Council Chair
  • the Eastdale Student Council President


Up to three Wall of Fame Members will be named every year. Nominees will be judged according to criteria set forth by the Committee. The Committee shall require a minimum vote of 75 percent of those present and voting to select the Wall of Fame inductees.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations are made annually on a schedule to be established by the Committee.
  • Nominees may be solicited through any means affiliated with Eastdale or the Association.
  • All nominations shall be directed to the Committee through the Association.
  • All nominations shall be in writing via the nomination form and shall be accompanied by at least three reference contacts who can speak to the nominee’s character and achievements.
  • All nominations must be verified by the Committee before being considered.
  • Nominations may be made posthumously.
  • If a nominee is not elected to the Wall of Fame for a particular year, that nominee may be resubmitted in following years.
  • The nominations and nominee identities shall be held in confidence by the Committee.

Induction Ceremony

The induction ceremony shall be held annually at such time and place as the Committee shall determine. The Committee shall establish a program and see to all necessary details of the induction ceremony. Inductees will be encouraged to attend their own induction ceremony and will be invited to attend future ceremonies.

Inductees will be added to the Wall of Fame display at Eastdale Secondary School and included on the Eastdale Alumni Association web site.