Eastdale Alumni Association

As of the end of 2022, the Alumni Association, a Not-for-Profit entity, has been formally dissolved. However, this web site will remain and may be used for similar alumni purposes. Stay tuned.

The alumni of Eastdale created an association, this website, and a Facebook group to provide support for the school community, to give current and former students and staff a way to stay in touch, and to have a place to share information about past and current activities.

Of these, the most important purpose is supporting the school, current students, graduating students, and the broader community. To this end, we engage in fundraising activities ranging from association membership fees to an Atlantic City bus trip.

Please take a look at our Mission page to understand the positive impact the alumni have on the school, the students, and the community with the funds that are raised. Then please consider joining the association or making a donation.

Association News